Aero Serenade


Alpha female of Espionage
Date of Birth
April 1st, 2011
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Umqua, Illias, Oreo
Known For

Serenade PackEdit

Aero was born into the Serenade pack in 2011. Her only litter mate is Naomi. She dominated over Naomi, and disregarded her like the rest of the pack. She played rough, but was sometimes beaten by her "runt" sister as she attempted to get her place in the pack. As Aero grew up, she grew to be obedient, yet always attempted to eat before her time. In late September of 2013, the pack was fairly big and it caused a lot of strain on the packs hunts. Due to Aero's boldness and Naomi's small size, the alphas, their parents, didn't tolerate this and continued to bite at them, forcing them to submit. One of the nights, Aero and Naomi left the pack unknown in hopes of starting their own.


After Aero and her sister, Naomi were ran off, they followed the rivers edge for awhile. Naomi's fur color made it so that they were generally unsuccessful in hunting. Aero was also a bit too bold during hunting, thus the two were slowly starving. They scavenged upon killed carcasses from bears, risking their lives sometimes to do so. After a few weeks, they crossed the river and went up north. In early October, the two heard howling from the borders of Yellowstone and followed the howls. They stopped at the bottom of the large northern hills and spotted the group of males. The males greeted them, and it was obvious that the six wolves would create a pack. Aero immediatly dominated over Naomi,  granting her the position of alpha female. Zio beat Jojo for alpha male, and there their new pack was formed.

Espionage PackEdit

As Aero became alpha female, it was quite easy to keep her rank known. Noami quickly became the omega and there were no other females to challenge her role. Come winter, Zio and Aero mated with no problems. The winter was fairly harsh on the small pack, but they made it through, and the following spring, Aero gave birth to three pups.


Aero resting near her den.