Anabelle Shamans


Subordinate of Shamans
Date of Birth
April 15th, 2006
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Rose, Valerie, Pete
Jubjub, Benjo, Kazoo, Lin, Gatsby, Evermoon, Tusk, Haze, Bigwig, Jay, Zakul, Borris, Winter, Yubie, Pebbles, Jewel, Pester, Zinc, Roy, Arkose
Known For
Was alpha female of Shamans


Anabelle was born into the Shamans by Waldo and Veneca, the two alphas of the pack. She was a fairly calm mannered pup and played lightly with her siblings. Anabelle was the only one who survived to adulthood. A trio of dispersed males attacked the site where the pups were put while the rest of the pack was out hunting. Flower , the omega and their caretaker, faught to protect the pups but the wolves managed to kill off Anabelle's siblings before the rest of the pack could rush to their aid. 

Because of the incident, Anabelle was kept on a strict watch. She enjoyed the extra attention by her parents and a couple of other wolves who had joined the pack. She followed the pack well and soon became an excellent pack member who was both good at watching and hunting. She avoided domination fights but when Opal, the alpha female at the time, died, Anabelle fought for the position and won. She had her first litter in April of 2008 and continued to lead alongside Ben. Despite her alpha position, she still kept her calm disposition and generally avoided punishing others unless it was a severe behavioral issue. She led the pack for over five years until 2013 when her mate Ben died of old age. This caused confusion within the pack for a few days and a younger wolf named Caution challenged her. Anabelle knew she couldn't defeat the younger wolf and stepped down without a fight. Because of this, she was allowed to stay in the pack.

Anabelle still proves the pack that she is useful as her experience in eight years of hunting allows her to target weak elks within a seconds time.


Anabelle submitting to the new alpha male.