Ben Serenade


Date of Birth
April 12th, 2004
Date of Death
July 30th, 2013
Cause of Death
Old age
Jubjub, Benjo, Kazoo, Lin, Gatsby, Evermoon, Tusk, Haze, Bigwig, Jay, Zakul, Borris, Winter, Yubie, Pebbles, Jewel, Pester, Zinc, Roy, Arkose
Known For
Went from omega to alpha status

Serenade PackEdit

Ben was born into the Serenade pack in early April. His parents were Shadow and Sapphire, the two alphas current alphas at the time. His litter was the last of the pair and it consisted of just him and his brother, Cage. In his pup years, he was docile and listened to the packs adults very well. He avoided wandering off and mainly played with his brother. The two had a good relationship and neither were dominant over the other. He proved to be very intelligent and was quick to learn. His hunting skills improved as he and his brother both paired up in hunting. He stayed in the middle in the pack ranks and avoided challenging those who were older than him. In summer of 2006, both Ben and Cage left to find their own mate.


Ben and Cage stuck together in the beginning of their journey. They constantly howled but they were not answered. They came across the Oblivion pack and attempted to steal away some meat from a recent kill the pack had made. The pack was on watch though and spotted the two, quickly attacking without hesitation. Ben had run away, but Cage's need for food kept him there as he desperately tried to tear a piece of meat off to take with him. Cage attempted to run off but was quickly caught up and soon after killed by the pack. This left Ben alone. Soon after, Ben had wandered into the Shamans territory. His hunger drove him to be bold but he was still cautious. He stayed around the territory for a couple months as the pack soon grew to know him. One day, Waldo confronted him which Ben responded with complete submission. For some reason, Waldo had allowed him in.

Shamans PackEdit

As Ben was still at this point only two and a half, he was placed as the new omega and was constantly the scapegoat of most things. Ben happened to be one of the larger wolves and could have easily made his way to the top, but he avoided it, waiting for a better chance. He didn't want to anger the alpha male. As Ben grew older, he became a bit more aggressive and soon made his way to beta male of the pack. Despite his large size, Waldo was still more experienced and was also as large as Ben. However, in early December of 2007, Ben challenged the old male and happened to win. He chased him out and returned to the pack. A week after, Opal had walked out of the pack to die which led to a young female named Anabelle being the new alpha. Ben and Anabelle mated and had their first litter in march of 2008. Ben's reign as alpha lasted until 2013. He walked out to patrol the territory and didn't come back, soon dying of his old age.

Ben 4

Ben before turning all white.

Ben 3

Final moments.