Espionage Pack

Espionage Wolf Pack

Date of Forming
October 19th, 2013
Alpha Male(s)
Alpha Female(s)
Current Alpha Male
Current Alpha Female
Number of Members
Pregnant Female(s)
Evicted Wolves
Dispersal Wolves
No information
Absent Wolves
Umqua, Illias, Orea


The Espionage pack was founded in October, 2013. A small pack of disperased males from the Ridges pack: ZioIsaac, Mouse and an older wolf, Jojo, came into the valley looking for mates. There they found two lone female sisters, Aero and Naomi, who were recently kicked out of the Serenade pack. While Jojo had already shown his dominance towards the three brothers, he had lost in the fight for becoming the alpha male for the newly formed pack. Zio had won and picked Aero to be his new mate. Naomi was too submissive and allowed her sister to become the alpha female. With the bond of Zio and Aero, the new pack had formed and settled into a small territory.

Pack LifeEdit

Having established their nee pack, the group of wolves had marked the northern hills of Slough Creek  as their territory. Zio, the alpha male, establishes his domince daily, keeping his brothers and the older male, Jojo, in line. Aero harasses both Mouse and Naomi constantly to show her dominance. Naomi had been chosen as the omega due to her size and low confidence. As the winter of 2013 approached, the wolves all were more excited. In early January of 2014, Zio and Aero walked away for a few days to mate. In Spring, the packs first litter was born which consisted of: Umqua, Oreo and Illias. 

The pack went on a hunt. Their target was an elk herd who was passing through their territory. Zio as the alpha, lead the remaining group and managed to bring down a calf. However, this was not done without a fight from the mother and Mouse ended up getting wounded. 

Dominate PairEdit

Zio and Aero are the first dominant pair of the Espionage fight. Zio had beaten Jojo for the position. 

Rival PacksEdit

The Oblivion pack to the east causes a small threat to the newly formed pack. 

Current MembersEdit

Zio Alpha Male

Aero Alpha Female

Jojo Beta Male



Umqua [pup]

Illias [pup]

Oreo [pup]

Noami Omega