Create an "advertisment" for the pack forums. But first:

1. Get the forums running

a. Add a General section which explains how to move around the site, and how things are run

- Pictures

- Biographie's

- Roleplay


2. Figure out whether we're going to continue using WQ, and in-chat roleplaying, or just in-chat. Should we move onto forums? Only in-chat? Etc. 

well all of the options have their problems and advantages

a. Wq: We get to actually travel around, and dont have to be confused to where everyone is. Its 3D and great animation. You get to see everyones character.

The disadvantages are only five people can attend per server, some have trouble getting on ones server. and when typing there is a limit of words, and you cant  sometimes say everything you want (i think you know what i mean). One more thing you can't say certain words.

b. Chat: There is no limit to how many people can rp. Everyone can be detailed and there is also no limit to how many words you can use. There is no filter. Plus there is no glitch and unwelcomed guest.

Disadvantages, you cant tell where everyone is and have to be asking sometimes. You can be deailed about how you look but cant actually see them. When right in front of a wolf, you cant just say "I watch the wolf in front of me , i take in a deep breath, trying to find out more about the scents of this pack blah blah blah"  because there may be more than one wolf in the area. so you have to be specific. Another thing.Rping may be slower due to people who want to be very detailed.