You must have knowledge about wolves and their behaviors in the wild, you can either do your own research on wolf behavior or you can look through Wolf Information on the site. 

In Character:Edit

  • No power playing. This is not fair to the other player. A wolf dominance battle generally involves constant contact with the other. There is no way of getting out of a fight without a potential injury unless you (or your opponment) backs down in submission at the first physical contact. If both your wolves are fairly aggressive, then many factors determine who the winner is (see guidelines ).


  • No talking, or any unrealistic thought process (IE: "I wonder if the alpha will allow me to patrol the border...")
  • Please try not to go too in depth during the breeding season... if you wish to do so than make a private chat with your wolfs chosen "mate". We don't need all the details, we know how it all works.


  • No unrealistic wolf fur color or markings (stripes on the back, circle around the eye, etc)
  • No unrealistic wolf eye color, the following is what is accepted only: Golden, amber, brown and rarely, blue and green. Purple, neon green, black, or changing eye colors (Eyes shifting color with the change of their mood, blue during the day and purple at night, constantly changing rainbow colored eyes) are NOT acceptable. The only way a wolfs eye color may change is when they are pups, they start off as a very light blue color and may either change to brown, orange, yellow, green, or they may stay the same.
  • No accessories! 
  • No excessive mass or odd genetics (overly muscled, very skinny, too long of legs for your wolf unless a hybrid, etc)
  • No horns, wings, etc.

Out of Character:Edit

We are generally a relaxed group of people and our rules many focused with role playing rather than out of character situations. Please don't give us a reason to put up any more rules.

  • Please respect the other members of the site.
  • You must be thirteen years of age or older to join the site, this is because 
  • You must role play at least once every week or (if your a high ranking member in the pack) your rank can be challenged without your consent by a lower ranking wolf. If you have not RPed for three out of character weeks, it will be assumed that you are inactive and no longer a member of the Shamans community. 
  • If you are vacationing, have a medical emergency, etc. please let an admin know or state some where on your profile that you will be absent and cannot attend an rp session for your required one every week. Please note how long you will be gone and when you will be back if possible. This way you will have the same position in the hierarchy of the pack when you come back and you will not be assumed as an inactive player.  If you have forgotten to mention an absence to an admin or written something on your profile, the admins are not responsible for any injuries or ranks taken to your character. You must inform us in some way shape or form.
  • The use of profanity is not under close supervision, use it as you wish, just try not to offend anyone with what you may say.