Isaac Ridges


Ridges Pack, Espionage Pack
Subordinate of Espionage
Date of Birth
April 2nd, 2011
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Kellog and Nani
Zio, Mouse
Known For
Being playful with his litter mates

Ridges PackEdit

Isaac was born into the Ridges pack on April 2nd, 2011. His litter-mates consisted of Mouse  and Zio. Isaac was very curious as a puppy, often wandering off on his own. His brother, Zio, often mockingly "punished" him whenever he came back. Overall, Isaac kept to himself. Isaac eventually became bolder once he grew up past his first year. He'd often dominate over Mouse but still kept a low rank within the pack. Isaac followed the alphas orders well and overall, he was a good member of the pack. However, he joined his brothers and Jojo , an older male, on the hunt for a new life in 2013. 


Isaac travelled with his brothers and the older male along the Slough Creek borders. Jojo had taken up leadership, despite Zios constant pestering. Isaac was the "middle-man" of the group and generally kept quiet during their travels. One day, the group spotted two roaming females. They went down to greet them, but Isaac greeted the females next to last. He avoided fighting for either of them, already content in having a place in the small pack. 

Espionage PackEdit

Despite Isaacs fairly submissive manner, he shows his best skill during hunting. Isaac keeps an eye out on his more submissive brother, Mouse. Isaac then had gained a scar above his muzzle from his alpha brother during a feeding where he attempted to eat before the leader. 

Isaac 2

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