Lucia Kumo

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Kumo Pack, Serenade Pack
Beta of Serenade
Date of Birth
March 30th, 2010
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Banner and Nikia
Granto, Capea
Known For
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Kumo PackEdit

Lucia was born into the Kumo pack on March 30th in 2010. Her parents were the alphas of a very small pack had established themselves just out of the borders of Slough Creek due to them being run out of their old territory. Her mother gave birth, and the pack stayed near the borders until the pups were old enough. She had two other littler mates which was Granto and Capea. As any other pup, Lucia enjoyed playing with her siblings. She was more playful than her two siblings, but would often get them to play when she wanted. Within this litter, Lucia was the biggest pup, but she rarely would dominant over them. 

Lucia and her brother and sister were taught to hunt small animals. They enjoyed playing with the small critters that they caught, showing off their catches to their parents. The pack began to move out once the pups were at around seven months old. It was October and there were clear signs of winter coming by fast. The pack travelled along the rocky borders. They went down into Slough Creek to find some food. The small pack of four adults and three pups spotted a lone old elk. The pups were hidden in some bushes while the pack chased down the elk. Lucias sister, Capea was restless and explored the area. Lucia and Granto followed, Within the hour, the pups were lost and didn't know how to get back to their hiding spot. They followed the river down stream farther than they had intended and became disconnected from the rest of the pack. At only eight months old, the pups had little chance for survival.


In attempts to find their pack, the three pups howled constantly. Their instincts kept them next to the river as they traveled deeper into Slough Creek. The skills that they had kept them alive for a whole month before they decided to take a turn from the river and travel south. They walked into the Serenade packs territory. They grew hungry every day, but managed to keep themselves alive through lucky catches of rabbits and moles. Another half month went by and Capea had died from starvation. Lucia and Granto walked deeper into the territory as they had smelled a recent kill that the pack had made. The pack had spotted the two and a few of the female wolves had run up to them, sniffing them curiously as they had sensed the young age of the two wolves. The pups instinctively dropped to their belly's, licking at the chins of the wolves in attempts to gain access to the carcass. Gatsby and Torte, the two alphas of the pack, allowed the pups to stick around.

Serenade PackEdit

Lucia had been accepted into the pack at a very young age. Both Lucia and Granto were quickly accepted as new family members. Despite their new arrival, they were still allowe to eat with the alphas pups. However, it was clear within another month that they were getting old enough to be forced to wait their turn. Lucia kept submitting to most of the adults. She grew with the pack and had become a very useful pack mate during hunting. At the age of two, she began to establish her rank within the pack and became to be more of the middle pack. She continued to travel with the pack, keeping close to her brother most of the time. In winter of 2013, Lucia had become more aggressive as she had fully matured. In April of 2014, Lucia had gotten into a fight with the beta female and managed to force the beta into submission.

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Lucia and her brother, Granto

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Lucia and Granto