Majestés Pack

Majestes Wolf Pack

Date of Forming
March 1st, 2014
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Alpha Female(s)
Current Alpha Male
Current Alpha Female
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Evicted Wolves
Dispersal Wolves
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The Majestés pack was founded on March 1st, 2014 by two dispersed wolves: Yukan and Vixen. Yukan and Vixen were both lone wolves who happened to have ran into each other in early January. They both bonded which led to mating. They then wandered off in search of a territory and found unclaimed territory up in the hills.

Pack LifeEdit

After establishing the new territory, Vixen found an abandoned den in the heart of the territory. While Vixen is busy with the den, Yukan stays fairly close but occasionally wanders to remark their territory. In late March, Vixen gave birth to a littler of six, two of which were dead. This litter had four surviving pups: Dmitry, Roi, Amour and Vladik

In early May, one of the pups found the offspring of an elk. The mother showed up and attempted to defend its baby, which caused all of the pups to call for their mother. Vixen came quickly and attempted to scare off the enraged mother. Yukan heard this as he was patrolling the area and ran to help. Together, Yukan and Vixen ran off the mother, and ended up killing the fawn in the process. 

In early May, Yukan had ran into a trespassing loner named Star. She was aggressive but eventually laid down in submissive as she was wanting to get into the pack. Shortly after, Vixen had called for the pack to meet the pups (need to roleplay this!). A week later, another lone wolf trespassed into the territory. While on patrol, Yukan and Star had confronted the wolf named Norabi. She attempted to run, but her strength was low and she decided to try to submit and get herself into the pack. Yukan had accepted her submissive display and and allowed her to join.  

Dominant PairEdit

Yukan and Vixen both took upon the alpha roles by default. 

Rival PacksEdit

The Espionage Pack up north. However, the pack is still fairly small and causes very little threat. The bigger threat is down south of the packs territory where a larger pack called the Serenade Pack causes a constant problem as their patrols near the river.

Current MembersEdit

Yukan Alpha Male

Vixen Alpha Female



Amour [Pup]

Roi [Pup]

Dmitry [Pup]

Vladik [Pup]