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I am just laying down the basics for the Gods here as of now. I will get more into detail with them and their histories once we have access to the site, which should be in a few days. This is just a reference of how I want them to be like, if you have any suggestions for a God, please contact me though the chat and I will be sure to add in your input! Thanks.


Lightly Alligned

GAIA - Mother of All

She resembles all that is good, she watches over her children in all of Midgard, holding each dear to her heart. She nurtures each individual like they were her own kin and protects the innocent and naive youths that have been birthed into the realm of the living. She often takes shape as a snow white elk, a snow white wolf with emerald orbs, and can hide in all things living, the trees, the grass, all the plants around you.

Teachings of Gaia:

TALOS - God of War, child of Gaia

Alliance - Personality - Son, words.

Teachings of Talos:

BALDR - God of ???, child of Gaia

Jealouse of Talos, etc etc etc

Teachings of Baldr

SORA & KAZE - Gods of Justice

These two brother are the Gods of Justice. They work together to bring peace and judge those who are threatening that peace. They follow their mothers good nature closely, and will not hesitate to protect the weak and punish the greedy. They are the messengers

Sora - This white bird represents honestly, chivalry and equality. He is a free spirited bird who believes that everyone should be given a chance. 

Kaze - Kaze is a hard headed bird, but his morals are in the right place. Along with his softer sided brother, he mainly represents dignity and discipline in the side of justice. 

EDEN - God of Love?, Child of Gaia

Darkly Alligned

MORANA - God of Everything Evil, sister of Gaia

This deity represents all that is evil and spawns diseases and hunger to cause havoc in her sisters precious world. She knows nothing of kindness and compassion and will stop at nothing to get what she wants and destroy all that stands in her way. She takes the form of a Raven and a midnight black wolf with Amethyst orbs. Her realm is the sadows and the night and often manifests into these forms.

Teachings of Morana:


MEGERA - God of Trickery and Thievery, child of Gaia

This god takes on the form of a fox. She uses trickery and cleverness to steal prey from unwary wolves and other predators. She is a cunning god who can manipulate animals, and in return will manage to take some food in the process. Whether it be by stealth or just by talking for distraction.  Teachings of Megera:

Monotheism Edit

Ebony's Religion. 

Heavenly Father - He represents all that there is, he has given life to this planet. Blah blah blah blah

Religion Details:

Heavenly Father's Teachings:

Name SuggestionsEdit

  • THANATOS (θάνατος): Greek myth name of a god of death, meaning "death."
  • MORANA: Slavic name meaning "death." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of death and winter.
  • VALDIS: Swedish and Norwegian form of Old Norse Valdís, meaning "goddess of the slain in battle."
  • PHOBOS (Φόβος): Greek name meaning "fear." In mythology, this is the name of a son of Ares. It is also the name of a moon of Mars.
  • RANGI: Maori myth name of a sky god, meaning "sky."
  • CÆLESTIS: Latin unisex name meaning "heavenly." In Roman mythology, this is an epithet belonging to the goddess Diana and the god Jupiter.
  • ZERU: Basque name meaning "sky."
  • SVAROG (Сварог): Slavic myth name of a god of the sky and sun, meaning "clear and bright."
  • NALANI: Hawaiian name meaning "the heavens."
  • SONDRA: English variant form of Italian Sandra, meaning "defender of mankind."




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Example Pictures of the GodsEdit

Megera is the goddess of trickery and thievery. She takes on the form of a red fox, but has the natural eye color of a wolf: yellow. Her wolf form could be that of a Red Wolf?