Oblivion Pack

Oblivion Wolf Pack

Date of Forming
October, 1999
Alpha Male(s)
Alpha Female(s)
Current Alpha Male
Current Alpha Female
Number of Members
Pregnant Female(s)
Evicted Wolves
Daray, Adrian, Mona, Nyx, Dawn, Dusk, Nishant, and Vesper
Dispersal Wolves
No information
Absent Wolves
Flower, Odysseus, Socrates, Daray, Adrian, Nyx, Dawn, Dusk, Nishant, Vesper, Morpheus, Eos, Atlas, Leto, and Chronos
Lilitu, Nisha, Puengi, Rajani, and Samar


The Oblivion pack was founded in October, 1999 by two wolves: Cecilia and Donovan. They disperced from their orignal packs and paired up, soon they wandered to Slough Creek and established a small territory. The two managed to give birth to pups the following spring, founding the Oblivions.

Pack LifeEdit

Cecilia gave birth to a litter of five pups in spring, April 8, 2000, after they paired up. The pups were named Minerva, Odysseus, Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. As any other wolves, the adults tried hard to make sure that every one of the pups made it to their first year. Unfortunately, two of their three pups, Socrates and Minerva, were predated while Cecilia and Donovan left them to hunt. With there only being three pups left, it made life a little easier for the new alphas. The litter made it to their first year and come Spring, Cecilia was pregnant yet again and gave birth to a litter of six pups named Venus, Mercury, Flower, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn on May 17, 2001. Having more members in their pack, they managed to have all the pups live to their first year with the exception of one. The Oblivion pack had a total of ten members and were growing. Cecilia gives birth to another litter of six pups. All of them managed to survive and their names are Tartarus, Pontus, Eros, Chaos, Pedal, and Chronos. Cecilia gave birth to 5 pups named Thanatos, Morpheus, Hypnos, Gaia, and Ananke, but unfortunately, the runt of the litter, Hypnos, died from starvation. The following spring the alpha female gives birth to 5 pups named Atlas, Eos, Helios, Leto, and Matis, all of them managed to survive. The pack got into a territorial fight with another pack, with their large numbers they were able to take more land and chase the other pack off of Slough Creek, gaining more territory. During the territorial fight two of the members are badly injured. One of them, Gaia, was too weak to even move and died at the scene as the rest left to mark their new found territory. The other wolf, Chaos, dies from an infection in his wounds. Their numbers decreased to 23 wolves. A Casanova wolf has been spotted around the pack, eventually they get used to his presence and he joins. Erebos and Venus managed to mate. Flower leaves the pack and hasn't been seen since. Ceclia gives birth to five pups named Hera, Justine, Otieno, Summanus, and Rio, but two of those pups (Rio and Justine) were born dead. Venus gives birth to a litter of six pups named Hephaestus, Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Aphrodite, and Ares. Venus fights her mother, Cecilia, for the alpha role and wins. Donovan leaves the pack and has not been spotted again, it is assumed that he died of old age. The Casonova wolf, Erebos, has assumed dominance as alpha male and there are no fights when he takes the rank. He establishes his dominance to the other wolves and gains rights as alpha over the others.  Plato dies in a hunting accident. On Novemeber 2005, Morpheus leaves the pack and never returns. Cecilia dies on March 2006 of old age. Venus gives birth to another litter of five pups on April 2006. Odysseus leaves the pack to never return. On April 2008, Venus gives birth to a litter of five pups named Enora, Hercules, Hermes, Hestia, and Poseidon. Erebos dies and Zeus assumes dominance. Another Casanova wolf has been spotted around the pack and manages to mate with Venus. Venus gives birth to a litter of three pups named Phanes, Thalassa, and Crius, Venus dies soon after giving birth and her sister Hera assumes the dominant role. On May 2012, Hera gives birth to a litter of five pups named Arrats, Herperos, Orpheus, Yiska, and Amaya. Enora mates with the Casanova wolf. Not only was the alpha female pregnant, but a subordinate female named Enora was pregnant as well. Enora and Hera both give birth to pups. Enora gives birth to a litter of five pups named Daray, Adrian, Mona, Nyx, Dawn, and Dusk while Hera gives birth to Nishant, Vesper, Dione, and Aura. Their numbers reached the low thirties, putting stress on the adults to feed the young and inexperienced juveniles, causing them to hunt everyday to maintain the packs overall well being. This was too much and raised tension among the members. In winter of 2013, all juveniles were kicked out, so the stress can lesson on the adults. Never being in this situation before, the juveniles would often come back to their birth pack only to be chased back out. Eventually, they all got the message and parted ways. Spring had made its way back around, being pregnant, the alpha female would act aggressively to the others. Her time to give birth was nearing and she would always stray from the others in search of a suitable den. On April 2014, Hera gives birth to a litter of five pups and they are all named, Lilitu, Nisha, Puengi, Rajani, and Samar. When the pups became of age, the alpha female decided they were ready to reunite with their pack mates and set off to take her pups to a rendezvous sight and later set off to find her pack members, howling for them to join her with the new faces of the pack. 

Dominant PairEdit

The pack was originally founded by Cecilia and Donovan, making them the alphas of the pack. Donovan wanders off and is never seen again, it is assumed that he died of old age. The new comer, Erebos, takes dominance next to Cecilia. Cecila dies at age eleven, and one of her daughters named Venus takes dominance as alpha female. Erebos dies, his son Zeus assumes the role as the dominant male. Soon, Venus dies and her sister Hera take the role as alpha female.

Rival PacksEdit

The Oblivion pack is the biggest pack north of the river that runs through Slough Creek. Because of this, there is little threats against the large, imperious pack. The Shamans Pack border patrols generally stay to their side and the Espionage Pack is too small to cause any problems.

Current MembersEdit

The Oblivion pack has a total of 28 members.

Zeus Alpha male

Hera  Alpha female

Ares Beta




















Lilitu Pup

Nisha Pup

Puengi Pup

Rajani Pup

Samar Pup

Amaya Omega