Opal Ashes


Ashes Pack, Shamans Pack
Date of Birth
April 13th, 2000
Date of Death
December 15th, 2007
Cause of Death
Old age
Teller and Rosie
Boulder, Vera, Nabble
Jack, Opium, Flame
Known For
Veneca Ashes younger sister.


Opal was born into the Ashes pack by the two current alphas at the time on April 13th, 2000. She had three litter mates named Boulder, Vera and Nabble. Vera and Nabble had died shortly after when a bear raided the den site while the mother had stepped out for a few minutes. Both Opal and Boulder were "middle" pups. Neither of them were really aggressive, nor submissive. They enjoyed playing together and became close while they were growing up. After reaching her second year, Opal proved to be skilled at hunting smaller prey. She did get a little anxious when it came to bigger animals but it soon grew out of her. In early 2003, the pack was infected with mange. The wolves slowly started dying off. There were those who didn't get infected, including Opal. The left over pack members soon wandered off into different directions. Opal stuck with her older sister, Veneca and together they left their old territory.


Opal and her older sister wandered into Slough Creek but avoided all packs as it was pupping season. They didn't particularly call for any other wolves, but one day they had found a wandering male named Waldo. Veneca being the oldest, quickly took the opportunity and bonded with him. Opal gladly stayed a few feet behind as they traveled a few more miles before finding unclaimed territory.


At the start, Opal was obedient to the two new alphas. She became a good aunt to her sisters litter and grew particularly close to a wolf named Flower who joined the pack later on. Opals older sister was starting to get old and in the October of 2006, Veneca wandered off and died. Opal had taken over Veneca's spot and became the new alpha female. Waldo mated with Opal and in march of 2007, she gave birth to her first litter. She became more aggressive. Opal at this point was very old herself. Opal had stepped down as the alpha when Anabelle, Waldo's and Veneca's daughter, challenged her. At the end of the year, Opal followed her sister and wandered off, shortly dying after.

Opal 2
Opal 3

Young Opal back in the Ashes pack.