Roi Majestés

Roi 4

Subordinate of Majestés
Date of Birth
March 28th, 2014
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Amour, Dmitry, Vladik
Known For
Quite calm & forming a strong bond with his mother, Vixen.

Majestés PackEdit

Roi was born on March 28th, 2014 by the two alphas: Yukan and Vixen. He currently has three living siblings named Dmitry, Amour and Vladik. After his first few weeks of life, Roi has shown to be a calm mannered playful pup. He's submissive to his siblings but will always take up the game of tackle. His favorite sibling to play with is Vladik. When his mother is around, he will alway stay close to her. 

One day, Roi herd his sisters barking and stumbled out of the den to see what she was up to. There, he saw the odd looking creature and walked up to it to investigate. He was fearful and kept behind his sister and brothers as they were more curious about it. Roi sensed danger and ran back to the den as he saw a much larger animal run up to protect its child. He listened to the barks and growls of both his parents who eventually scared off the elk mother. Vixen came back with a large piece of meat for herself as they had killed the elks offspring. 

Roi 2

Roi following his mother, Vixen.

Roi and Vladik (2)

Roi playing with his brother & favorite sibling, Vladik.