Sapphire Serenade


Date of Birth
April 18th, 2000
Date of Death
December 12th, 2009
Cause of Death
Old age
Tolly and Pepe
Ben, Cage, Jaws, Lamp, Pulls, Apple, Sponge, Shark, Harral, Wain, Torte, Farley, Pharoh, King, Sphinx
Known For
Oldest alpha female of the Serenade Pack

Serenade PackEdit

Sapphire was born into the Serenade pack April 18th in 2000, along with her sister, Lily. Her mother joined the Serenade pack when she was pregnant with the two pups. She gave birth two days after the alpha female, Julias, and managed to keep them from harm until they were old enough to meet the pack. When Lily and Sapphire met the other two alphas along with their own pup, it was a tense moment, but Julias tolerated the pups and even took on as a second mother to them. Julias often ran out Tolly and stole away the two pups to groom them.

Sapphire grew up with with her sister and the alphas only surviving pup (as the others had been born dead), Shadow. It was quite clear that Sapphire was especially close to Shadow and they were wrestle a lot. Shadow easily dominated over both the females but Sapphire often could hold her own during the matches. It was clear at this point that they would at some point be alphas of the pack.

Sapphire, Lily and Shadow grew to be a good coordinated hunting group. They learned to communicate with each other and managed to catch several rabbits with their rush and ambush moves. They finally reach their two year mark and had become grown adults, now taking care of their younger siblings. In 2003, Sapphire had managed to make herself the beta female of the pack. That following winter, Rover and Julias didn't have any interest in mating, so Shadow was allowed to mate with Sapphire. In spring of 2004, Sapphire had given birth to her first litter which consisted of: Ben and Cage.

In mid June of 2004, a change of leadership occurred within the pack when Shadow challenged his father and defeated him, running him out. During the winter, she mated with Shadow as he could not mate with his own mother who was still the alpha female. In spring of 2005, she gave birth to another litter and when she took them to meet the rest of the pack, she attacked Julias for alpha position. Julias lost and left the pack.

She continued to lead the pack along with Shadow. Shadow was more aggressive than her and was often the one to keep the pack under control. Sapphire took it upon herself to comfort the pack in tense times. She managed to give birth to two more litters from Shadow. In summer of 2007, a fight broke out between Zulio, a wolf who had joined awhile ago, and Shadow. As Shadow was up there in his age, and Zulio was larger and more aggressive, Zulio defeated Shadow. Shadow ran out but was dead shortly after due to the fatal blows he had received.

That following winter, Sapphire mated with Zulio and gave birth to her last litter. She manage to keep the pack together throughout the rest of the year, but her age really started to bother her. That winter of 2008, she refused to mate with Zulio. Arthritis had kicked in on the old wolf and it made it hard for her to keep up with the pack. The next spring in April, Sapphire limped away from the pack and died alone from her age.

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Sapphire and Shadow bonding.

Elderly Wolf by dragonett3

Sapphire in here last months; old at 9 years.