December: Rover and Julias found the pack with a bonding and mating.


January: A lone wolf named Tolly ran through the small territory. Pregnant herself, she had submitted to the two new alphas and was allowed to stay due to wanting more strength for hunting.

April: Julias first litter were born. Only Shadow survived. A few days later, Tolly gave birth to Lily and Sapphire. Julias acted aggressively towards Tolly and stole her pups, constantly nursing them herself.

September: Julias fights with Tolly and is run out of the pack.


January: Rover and Julias mate. 

April: Julias gives birth to a litter of four. 

December: Julias and Rover mate.


March: Julias gives birth to a litter of healthy pups.

December: Julias and Rover mate. However, both Shadow and Sapphire are showing slight aggression due to the mating season.


March: Despite a mating, Julias did not produce any pups. No litter this year. 

May: Sapphire established herself as the female beta of the pack.

December: Julias and Rover both avoided mating due to stress. Both Sapphire and Shadow took on their duties as the betas and mated.


March: Sapphire gave birth to her first litter which consisted of Ben and Cage.

June: Shadow became extremely aggressive, wanting to establish himself as one of the new breeding pairs. He defeated his father and ran him out of the territory.

December: Shadow mated with Sapphire as he could not mate with his own mother. Fennis leaves the pack.


April: Sapphire gives birth to a litter of four.

June: When Sapphire calls for the pack to meet the new pups, she attacks Julias in attempts to make her submit as she wanted to keep her pups safe in the future. Julias 

July: Dan and Yuvik die from an unknown disease. 

September: Mally is killed during a hunt.

December: Shadow and Sapphire mate.


March: Sapphire gives birth to a large litter of five.

April: A large rain storm came by the valley of Slough Creek. Sapphire attempted to move her pups as the den was filling with water, and was only able to save Torte. The others drowned. 

April: Shadow for some reason allows a male wolf who wandered into the territory to stay in the pack. 

July: Ben and Cage leave the pack.

December: Despite the mating season, Zulio managed to assert himself as the new beta. Sapphire and Shadow both mate. 


January: Luper dies of mange.

March: Lily dies of old age.

April: Sapphire gives birth to a healthy litter of four. 

June: During a meal, Zulio becomes overly aggressive. Shadow attempts to force him to submit, but Zulio doesn't back off. He manages to defeat Shadow in a very violent fight and runs him off, but not without dealing a fatal injury. Shadow dies shortly after.

July: Torte defeats the beta female and takes place.

November: Cord dies of old age.


January: Sapphire and Zulio mate.

April: Sapphire gives birth to her last liter of three. Despite her old age, she managed to care for them.

September: Jaca dies from an infection.

October: Jaws and Apple both leave the pack in attempts to start their own.

December: Sapphire refuses to mate wtih Zulio due to her age. Zulio mates with Torte.


April: Torte gives birth to a litter of three.

May: Lamp and Pulls both die from mange.

September: A large male wolf named Gatsby wanders into the territory. He stays around for a few weeks before he is confronted by both Zulio and Torte. Zulio allows him to stay when he accepts Gatsbys submission.

November: Farley and Pharoh leave the pack. 

December: Sapphire leaves the pack and dies of old age. Torte quickly asserted her dominance and her right to breed. She mated with Zulio shortly after becoming the new alpha. 


March: Torte gives birth to a litter. A week later, two of the pups are predated by a coyote while Torte was out for a drink. Only Quin and Rail survive.

July: Holard leaves to find a mate. 

September: Zulio is killed during a pack hunt. Gatsby takes this oppurtunity and dominates over all the challenging males. He takes on the new role of alpha. 

October: Two young  wolves known as Granto and Lucia walk into the territory. They both are young and very submissive, so Torte allows them to stay with great approval from Gatsby.


January: Gatsby and Torte mate.

April: Torte gives birth to two pups. Sphinx dies fom an unknown disease. 

May: Two wolves named Dawn and Daray from the Oblivion pack manage to join the pack due to their very young age.

December: Gatsby and Torte mate.


March: Torte gives birth to a litter of pups.

May: Okra dies from an unknown cause. Torte gives birth to a littler of three males. 

June: Spice and Hops die fom a hidden hereditary disease.

December: Torte and Gatsby mate.


March: Torte gives birth to three pups.  September: Aero and Naomi leave the pack.

October: Both Fabio and Fakhir dies due to an unknown disease.

December: Gatsby and Torte mate. 


March: Torte gives birth to four lively and healthy pups. 

April: Torte gets into a fight with a coyote that attempted to predate her pups. She was injured on the leg. 

May: Lucia becomes the new beta female. Kasper becomes to the new beta male.