Rover and Julias:

2000: First Litter: Billy, Bob, Shadow

Tolly and Pepe:

2000: Second Litter: Sapphire, Lily

Rover and Julias:

2001: Third Litter: Dan, Mally, Yuvik, Cord

2002: Fourth: Litter: Jaca, Fennis, Luper 

2003: No Litter

Shadow and Sapphire: 

2004: Fifth Litter: Ben, Cage

2005: Sixth Litter: Jaws, Lamp, Pulls, Apple

2006: Seventh Litter: Sponge, Shark, Harral, Wain, Torte

2007: Eight Litter: Farley, Pharoh, King, Sphinx 

Zulio and Sapphire:

2008: Ninth Litter: Okra, Spice, Hops

Zulio and Torte:

2009: Tenth Litter: Holard, Oddvar, Eerie 

2010: Eleventh Litter: Rail, Zeb, Quin, Fenbal 

Gatsby and Torte:

2011: Twelth Litter: Naomi, Aero

2012: Thirteenth Litter: Kasper, Fabio, Fakhir

2013: Fourteenth Litter: Zevi, Abagail, Don, Jeromia 

2014: Fiftheenth Litter: Vex, Vince, Seaweed, Sushi

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