Shadow Serenade


Date of Birth
April 16th, 2000
Date of Death
June 6th, 2007
Cause of Death
Dominance fight
Rover and Julias
Billy, Bob
Ben, Cage, Jaws, Lamp, Pulls, Apple, Sponge, Shark, Harral, Wain, Torte, Farley, Pharoh, King, Sphinx
Known For
Was excellent in hunting

Serenade PackEdit

Shadow was in the first litter of the Serenade pack. His parents were Rover and Julias, who founded the Serenade pack. His litter mates were Billy and Bob, who were born dead. Another female who joined Rover and Julias also gave birth to two pups, Sapphire and Lily. Sapphire had dominated over Tolly who gave birth to the pups and stole her pups, thus taking care of them by herself along with Shadow. Shadow played happily with the other two pups but dominated over them. He was gentle with them, however and became to be their leader.

As Shadow grew up, he had a close relationship with Sapphire as they enjoyed playing together. Rover made sure to keep Shadow under the ranks as he was the only other male that could potentially steal his place. Shadow continued to grow and became excellent in hunting as a team with the others. He especially enjoyed playing with his younger siblings in the next few years.

As June in 2004 came around, it was clear that Shadow wanted leadership. He challenged his father and defeated him, running him out of the pack. Come winter of 2004, he could not mate with his own mother who was still the alpha female. He mated with Sapphire, who was at this point the beta female and she produced his first litter the following year. After the birth of her puppies, Sapphire wanted to keep them safe from Julias and attacked her. She stepped down from alpha female and left the pack soon after.

Shadow continue to lead the pack. He became irritated when a lone male wolf, Zulio, continued to wander around the borders of the territory. He eventually allowed Zulio in as he showed submission. This was a mistake, as in 2007, Zulio attacked Shadow in attempts to gain alpha. Shadow fought back but soon realized that he was going to lose. He ran off but was fatally injured. He soon died after from the blood loss.

Shadow 3

Shadow watching over the pack.