Shamans Pack

Shamans Wolf Pack

Date of Forming
June 3rd, 2003
Alpha Male(s)
Alpha Female(s)
Current Alpha Male
Current Alpha Female
Number of Members
Pregnant Female(s)
Evicted Wolves
Dispersal Wolves
Gatsby, Opium, Flame
Absent Wolves


The Shamans Pack was founded in June, 2003 by three wolves: Waldo Evergreen, Veneca Ashes and Opal Ashes. Veneca and her younger sister, Opal travelled to the valley of Slough Creek when the majority of their old pack was infested with mange. There they found Waldo, a dispersal male looking for a mate. Waldo and Veneca bonded and along with Opal, they formed the Shamans Pack.

Pack lifeEdit

In the beginning, Waldo, Veneca and Opal hunted together and were fairly successful. The first year of the pack, a litter wasn't produced. Come their second winter in the pack, Waldo and Veneca mated, producing three pups in 2005, early spring. The three pups: Gore, Horris and Relay, Gore was predated by a coyote when he was fairly young. In early summer of 2005, a new wolf named Flower, joined the pack and became the omega and pup caretaker. The following years, the majority of the pack was made up of Veneca's and Waldo's pups. In 2006, a trio of roving males came into the packs territory and killed Flower who managed to protect the pups. A few other wolves had joined and left the pack between the time: one of them was Ben Serenade from the Serenade Pack. Ben was placed as the omega but he soon made his way up to beta. Veneca then died in 2006. This caused confusion which led to Ben challenging the old alpha male. Ben had defeated Waldo and kicked him out. Opal had taken up alpha role until the end of 2007. After that, one of Waldos' offspring, Anabelle, took alpha female and together with Ben continued the pack until 2013. Ben died of old age. Another wolf named Ash who earlier joined the pack took over the alpha role. Caution who had joined the pack recently took the confusion and challenged Anabelle for the alpha female position. Anabelle stepped down. Caution allowed her to stay in. Ash and Caution had mated. In early march, Caution left the pack to find a suitible den for her pups. Sadly the alphas pup's were born weak and all died. Without pups Shamans would have to wait for their pack to expand.

Dominant PairEdit

Waldo and Veneca were the first dominate pair of the pack. In late 2007, Veneca wandered off and died of old age. Opal, Veneca's younger sister. became the new dominate female. In late summer of 2007, Ben, who joined the pack in 2006, finally built up enough confidence to face the leader. He challenged the old male and easily won due to Waldo having bad arthirtis. Ben kicked Waldo out of the pack, who later died of starvation. Ben was the alpha male along with Opal as the alpha female. The next year in 2008, Opal followed her sister and walked out on the pack to die alone. This led to Anabelle, the daughter of Waldo and Veneca the new alpha female. She asserted her dominance and until 2013, led the pack along with Ben. In 2013, Ben died of old age. Ash, who had been in the pack for a bit, asserted his dominance and became the new alpha. After Bens death, Caution took the confusion to her advantage and challenged the old female, Anabelle. Anabelle had stepped down quietly without a fight. Anabelle was allowed to stay, leaving Caution as the new alpha female along with Ash. 

In the spring, Caution had given birth to a litter of pups. However, all of them were born dead. She went out and returned to the pack. The pair continued to lead the pack, and soon, things were back to normal. 

Rival PacksEdit

The Shamans only rival pack is the Serenade Pack that lives west of them. Their patrols generally get close to the Shamans borders which keep the Shamans on high alert for any wandering wolves from the pack. 

Current MembersEdit

Ash Alpha Male

Caution Alpha Female

Kale Beta Male

Fennie Beta Female












Dhanya [random note, temp]

Pebbles  Omega