Waldo and Veneca:

2004: No Litter

2005: First Litter: Gore, Horris and Relay

2006: Second Litter: Rose, Valerie, Pete, Anabelle

Waldo and Opal:

2007: Third Litter: Jack, Opium, Flame

Ben and Anabelle:

2008: Fourth Litter: Jubjub, Benjo, Kazoo, Lin, Gatsby

2009: Fifth Litter: Evermoon, Tusk, Haze, Bigwig

2010: Sixth Litter: Jay, Zakul, Borris, Zinc

2011: Seventh Litter: Yubie, Pebbles, Pester, Jewel

2012: Eighth Litter: Winter, Roy, Arkose

2013: No Litter

Ash and Caution: 

2014: Ninth Litter:

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