Star Aiolfi

Ole 01

Aiolfi Pack, Majestés Pack
Within the Majestés pack
Date of Birth
April 13, 2011
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Raff Aiolfi (father) and Sky Cliff (mother)
Connor, Onai, and Rollo
Known For
Wanting to be dominant
Moon Character played by Fuzzy158965

Aiolfi PackEdit

Star was born into the Aiolfi pack by the alpha male and female along with three siblings, all males. Their names were: Connor, Onai, and Rollo. Star, as strong-willed and obstinate as she can be, was the unchallenged leader of the four and remained so her entire pup-hood. As the pups grew, their parents taught them more and more, preparing them for adulthood. The pups picked up on hunting fairly quickly, learning to work as a team and coordinate their movements to bring down, first, small game, such as rabbits, then later on, as their endurance, strength, and coordination became more developed, they began to hunt larger prey with the pack.                                                                             

It was on one of these hunting trips, two months before the pups' second birthday, that disaster struck. An injured elk had just been sighted, evidently lagging some distance behind a large herd. The animal was limping badly on its front left leg, indicating a severe injury of some kind. The wolves were excitedly preparing for the hunt, whines of anticipation breaking out constantly. Suddenly, the earth began to quake beneath their paws, and without warning, a massive herd of elk swept over a rise behind the pack, nearly on top of them. The wolves scattered in all directions. Billowing clouds of dust rose from the dry ground and blinded those within its confines. Star was panicking, she could not see nor hear any of her pack mates, the dust stung her eyes and blinded her, and the pounding of the elk's cloven hooves rang in her ears.One thought traced through her mind: Run. 

The next thing she knew, Star was alone. Completely, and totally alone


So began her life as a loner. Star was suddenly very appreciative of the skills her parents and pack-mates had taught her. She traveled far and wide, hunting small game here, resting there, and above all, searching for her lost brothers. She often howled long into the night, singing of her loss. Star had no way of telling if any of her pack, other than herself, had survived; the elk herd had been abnormally large and traveling fast. Star judged that she had only survived due to the fact that she had been waiting on the outskirts of the pack, waiting for the hunt to begin. The rest of the pack had disappeared in a cloud of dust. 

Therefore, she was alone and wondering where to go from here. Star traveled onward, occasionally spotting bears, herds of elk, and on occasion, loner wolves. She gave all of them a wide birth, only feeding on abandoned carcasses she found and any small game that she could catch.

Eventually, she wandered into a territory unlike the rolling plains she had grown up in. This territory was lush and green and had a river snaking its way through the land. It was beautiful.

Majestés PackEdit

One day in early May, Star trespassed on the Majestés Pack's territory and was confronted by the alpha male, Yukan. At first, she acted aggressively, unwilling to give in. But she eventually submitted to the alpha male and was accepted into the pack.

A week later, Yukan and Star were patroling the borders as usual. With the help of a light breeze, they picked up the scent of a trespassing lone wolf. They gave chase, with Star rushing past Yukan in attempts to cut off the wolf from a high upper advantage point. The wolf known as Norabi quickly stopped running and went into a submissive position in attempts to join the pack. Yukan had accepted her submissive act, making sure to punish her with a harsh nip at the muzzle. After Yukan was finished, Star too made sure that the new wolf knew of her ranking and also bit at her muzzle. Yukan snapped at Star's behavior. Soon after, Star followed Yukan as he continued his routine patrol, going back towards where the pups were located.