So, tonight I'm leaving for Tennessee. I probably will not be on for awhile; my family will be staying down there for quite some time. I cannot wait to see my grandmother; haven't seen her for at least three years. Until then, please do not kill Aphrodite, because she's so Damn beautiful and amazing. If you have any questions or need to notify me about something, contact me through my e-mail: This is my personal e-mail, so do not give this to people that I don't know or just random folks... etc. If I get an e-mail from some homeless bum in Maine, I'm gonna have your ass for it. Also, I am not completely sure I'm going to have internet access, but if I manage to pick up some an wifi network, I'll check my inbox and shoot y'all an e-mail. I'm gonna be catching up with some friends down there too... So if I don't reply for a day or so, I'm either chilling pool-side, or in the city drinking up a Starbucks moca-something.

Anyways, Love you all! Hugs!