Ebs is tired of seeing wiki this wiki that wiki there, advertisment, and a whole lot of other bull turd. SO me and ebs talked about some awesome idea(by the way, snow is writing this).We should build our own website!!!! YAY Please read the paragraph below to understand this idea better. This idea was thought of by ebony. It was disscused with Snow. Now snow has to write for Ebony. :)

-Facepalm- Lol Snow. xD

As stated above, Snow and I discussed creating our own website. In my opinion, I find it rather annoying to see all these advertisements plastered everywhere and wikias name everywhere. I feel that a wikia site is not something to be used for a roleplaying site and I feel we should move to something where it is. I also DO NOT like the idea of our role play being compared to that of Young Ones (Snow: also tso people wont leave our roleplaying wiki for another one -_-), we are much better than that piece of shit, wikia limits us. Yes I do realize that it would be a lot of work, but I feel like it would be worth it in the longrun. By moving onto a better site, we could improve the look of the site, increase activity by bringing in new members, improve the plot, etc. This, of course, is all up for debate. We dont have to change much if this is something all of you do not wish to do, but I think we should move onto something better than wikia.