The Idea:

To add a little something to the rp, I think it would be interesting to give each pack a special skill set based on the terrain they are located in and what kind of animals inhabit them. These special skills will affect their abilities in hunting, fighting, their build, etc. 

For Example:


The Serenade pack is located near Slough Creek and even has the creak running through their territory. So, their special skill can be fishing. Of course, they can hunt other prey other than fish, but the pack will often lean towards  fishing more than hunting elk/bison because it is always available or something along those lines... They will appear leaner than lets say the Shamans pack because their special skill set is taking down Bison. And in order for the Shamans to take down such large prey they have to be more physically fit, therefore, larger than those who live in the Serenade Pack (I hope this makes sense).

The Majesties Pack

Terrain - Rocky Cliffs and Meadows

Specialization - Large Game

Large Game, the prey animals that normally inhabit the Majesties territory are Big Horn Sheep, Deer, etc.. They tend to stay in the canyon cliffs, where it is difficult for predators to hunt them. Deer tend to stay in the meadow.

Advantages - Wolves are more balanced and rely on stealth to try and catch their prey. Need to rely on speed and agility to catch their prey.

Disadvantages - Low stamina, probably couldn't last very long hunting animals like Bison or Elk.

The Serenade Pack

Terrain - Slough Creek surround their territory and even runs through the Serenade territory. There is also a small body of water not connected to the creek. Most of the terrain is flat with the exception of littely butte that lies in the center of the territory. 

Specialization - Fishing and Small Game

Fishing, the creek is so readily availabe to the Serenade pack that they tend to fish more often then they do hunt larger game like elk and deer. Small Game is plentiful in the vacinity and tend to stay in the thicket nearing the Sandbar Crosing.

Advantages - The wolves in the Serenade pack are more patient. Being leaner, they are quicker than those that Hunt larger game.

Disadvantages - Huting small game and fish tends to makes these wolves leaner and smaller than their neighboring packs. In the winter months, it is difficult for the pack to keep fed. They have to resort to hunting larger game sinse the waters of Slough Creek are mostly frozen over and most of the Small Game going into hibernation.

The Shamans Pack

Terrain - Look at the fucking map.

Specialization - Large Game

Large Game, include mostly bison. 

Advantages - Tought, strong, fucking more built than the ordinary wolf. Rely on stamina to take down the larger game.

Disadvantages - The lack in speed and agility.

The Oblivion Pack

Terrain - Hill land

Specialization - Large Game

Advantages - They are the normal wolves

Disadvantages -  Bleh blhe bleh I am so done with this

The Espionage Pack

Terrain -  The packs territory is located in the Upland Meadows. There is nothing special about their territory, it is just a flat prarie land with tall grasses.

Specialization -  Small Game

Advantages - They are fucking fast

Disadvantages - Low stamina and low strength


This is just a suggestion and is up for further discussion. Tell me what you think in the comments below or in the chat and maybe we could add on or get rid of something. Really hope what I am saying makes sense...

Extra Note:

Adaptation. "So maybe in say the 3rd or 4th generation of wolves within the Majestes pack, will start actually showing genetic adaptations within their bodies for that terrain (say the wolves in Majestest get smaller, so it's easier for them to climb around the steep cliffs)." 

Alright people, this obviously sucks. Mostly because I am lazy as fuck and this is not the fucking real thing. These are just some examples. So dont fucking bagger me on how it sucks and how some things are fucking wrong. Not meant to be fucking sparkling perfect, just a quick little example so you suckers can unserstand my idea. Alright? So shut the fuck up before saying shit to me.