Vixen Jackals

Vixen's Gaze (3)

Jackals Pack, Majestés Pack
Alpha of Majestés
Date of Birth
March 15th, 2012
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Houdini and Almira
Mandala, Snert, Luella, and Eleusine
Dmitry, Roi, Vladik, Amour
Known For
Usually calm & dignified, devoted mother & mate
Moon Character played by Vixens

Life in the Jackals PackEdit

Vixen was born into the Jackals pack which was outside of the Slough Creek valley. Her mother was Almira, and her father was a roving male named Houdini. Vixen's mother had a healthy litter, which included four pups counting Vixen. Her siblings were Mandala, Snert, Luella, and Eleusine. Sadly Luella and Mandala were predated as pups. As sibling rivalries formed, Vixen was singled out as the most shy, calm, care-free, and timid of the three. Another tragedy struck when in fall, Vixen's mother Almira died. That shattered Vixen's siblings, but being the most quiet and wary of others, Vixen wasn't as mournful. Tensions rose in the pack when Almira died, for almost all females in the pack had begun to fight for dominance. Finally Opera won, and she wasn't too fond of Almira's last litter. Vixen became terrified of the Dominate Female, and she also became with-drawn and more shy. She started to hang back when the pack began to hunt and do other social things. Vixen had developed a strong hate for Sophie, but it had lasted for much longer than it had shown. They often got into quarrels over small things. As the two began to become more competitive, Vixen began to show bolder colors. Vixen, usually being the silent and unseen member in the pack, suddenly drew attention to herself when she was seen getting into a small yet dangerous quarrel with Sophie. Opera wasn't in the mood for the nonsense, so she boldly laid down the line. Vixen, being confused, thought the Dominate Female was getting involved in the fight. Soon both wolves turned on Vixen, and not knowing what to do, she fled. Opera didn't  send any members to chase Vixen away, but it wasn't needed. Vixen realized she was no longer welcome in her pack. After leaving the Jackal's territory however, she was confused on what had just happened. 

Life as a LonerEdit

Vixen's Gaze (4)


As Vixen finally adjusted to life as a loner, she came into heat for the first time. However, she was still smart about it and avoided other pack's territories. She did not want trouble. She carefully followed the creek against pack's territories, too afraid to fully enter them. She soon stumbled upon a large pack called the Shamans pack , and she immediately tried to join. However, the Alpha Female, Caution , wasn't too pleased that Vixen was in heat. Caution aggressively told Vixen no, and reluctantly, Ash agreed with the Dominate Female. After being chased off, Vixen was nearly drained of all hope. Soon Vixen, although still in healthy condition, decided she would not last longer as a loner. She was digging into a cold carcass when she encountered a female from the Shamans, Pebbles. Pebbles acted aggressively for her share of the kill, so Vixen wasn't too sure at first. Pebbles continued to show more acts of hostility, but hesitated and Vixen caught on to this. Pebbles continued to try and hoax Vixen, however, she knew of the hoax, but left not wanting to be caught up in a quarrel. Soon she caught sight of two mates across the creek, and the female of the pair wasn't too thrilled to see Vixen.  The dominate female became aggressive, scenting Vixen's strong in-heat scent. She immediately gave chase. It was very unnecessary, and luckily Vixen was not caught off guard. Vixen ran, using her small weight and slim figure to move faster. She glanced over her shoulder to see the female losing gain on her at a reasonable rate.

Vixen escaped safely. In her freedom Vixen nearly ran into a loner named Yukan. He was surprised, yet she didn't show any aggression towards him, so he didn't show any towards her. They both took interest in each other, Yukan especially since Vixen was in heat and he had been silently looking for a mate. They played for a bit, nuzzling each other and exchanging soft noises. They began to bond, taking small naps together. Eventually Vixen gave small signals, and Yukan took notice of them. They mated not long after. Some time after that they both split unexpectedly for a while, the reason unknown. Yukan and Vixen were both drawn to an elk carcass, and they reconized each other almost immediately. They both gave happy greetings; tails wagging at full speed. Soon a rover, with the name of Holard  was seen. Yukan became aggressive, ready to attack the male if he came too close to Vixen. Holard clearly got the message and sprinted off. Yukan was once again was interested in Vixen, as she was to him. Vixen began giving small signs again, and they both disappeared into the cover of the forest. Yukan has become protective over her, and it is unlikely that he will let her out of his sight again. 

By spring Vixen was clearly carrying pups, her swollen belly expanding. She was already searching for a den, Yukan constantly trailing behind as he kept an eye out for danger. After wandering upon unclaimed land, both Vixen and Yukan had the will to make it their own. They began marking the territory, hoping there would be no quarrels from neighboring packs. In March, the new pack was formed. 

The Majestés PackEdit

Near the heart of the territory there was a large penis, perfectly hidden under brush and surrounded by sharp rocks. Deciding this was the perfect protected den, Vixen happily made it her own. After living in their new territory for some time, Yukan and Vixen grew closer and began acting more like a small family instead of loners. Their pups were soon to be born which both Yukan and Vixen were excited for because it would expand their pack.

On March 28th, 2014, Vixen began to have contractions. She quickly entered the den and kept herself there, grunting through the pain. Eventually, she had given birth to a total of six pups. One of the pups from the large litter was not only dangerously small, but it did not move as Vixen groomed it. She quickly assumed it was dead, though she still placed it next to her warm belly. Another pup, who was normally sized, also didn't stir as Vixen groomed it. Also assuming that pup was dead as well, she quickly lost hope. Out of the six pups that were born, only four were living. Vixen made sure to guard the pups who were alive with a great amount of defense, already forming small bonds with them that would soon grow to much more.

The pups were growing fast, as was their curiosity. Amour, Dmitry, and Vladik all seemed to be wandering away from Vixen, but Roi preferred to stay near his mother. That was alright with Vixen, who enjoyed the company he offered. Soon, however, trouble began. Amour eventually did what she does best, and got into a dangerous adventure. Amour stumbled upon an elk calf, and, not knowing what to do, attempted to get it to play. In no time all of Vixen's pups had caught wind of Amour and her new entertainment. Amour immediately tried to get her brothers to play with her and the calf, but their playful yips and growls were detected by the mother of the calf. She rushed in defending her calf, legs swinging wildly in the air. Never being in a situation like this before Amour growled at the elk with her little pup figure, trying to act dominant over the elk, but the elks bucking and kicking lead Amour in the other direction and she ran straight into her brothers, who in return let out whimpers of fear. Vixen almost instantly heard the whines of distress, and she rushed to her beloved pups. Fluffed up fur, Vixen attacked the elk, willing to risk her life for her pups. All of Vixen's pups wisely ran back to the safety of the den, protecting themselves. Vixen was loosing power in her bites from exhaustion, but her intense growls and snarls stayed sharp. Yukan heard Vixen's struggles and was at the scene in no time, where the two parents chased off the elk and killed it's calf. 

Later more trouble began. A loner with the name of Star Aiolfi was seen lurking about small family's territory. Eventually Yukan began to take notice of the stranger, becoming more tense with each passing day. One afternoon Yukan was patroling the territory alone, as Vixen had to stay near the den and tend to the needy pups. He soon caught sight of the loner and gave small chase, easily catching up. After the two encountered each other, Star decided to stay difiant and wild, but she eventually submitted to Yukan after a bit of intimidation from his larger size. Vixen was usually caring for the pups at the den, and if she was not, she was finding food for herself. On one of her few trips outside the den, a stranger approached the pups silently. Amour and Dmitry were mock fighting, Amour winning as usual, when a loner named Geo Solitude crouched down and watched the pups. Amour growled and raised her hackles, but Geo was suddenly focused on something else. Vixen was there, backed by Yukan. Aggressively, Yukan chased the trespasser out of their territory while Vixen took the pups back to the den. Tired of her her behavior, Vixen scolded her daughter roughly. Amour submitted to her mother, not wanting to upset her any further.

Eventually, Vixen decided it was time for her and the pups to meet the rest of the pack. Vixen quickly moved them to the rendezvous spot. It was located quite nicely; at the edge of their territory near a small stream of water. The travel was tiring and soon most of the pups were asleep. After they awoke they were introduced to the new members of the pack, Vixen being introduced to for the first time. She was very aggressive to the new wolf, making sure she knew who was to serve here. After giving Star a few snaps and trotting around with her tail high, Vixen let her pups interact with their pack.