Vladik Majestés

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Subordinate of Majestés
Date of Birth
March 28th, 2014
Date of Death
N/A Still Alive
Cause of Death
N/A Still Alive
Yukan Volk(Father) and Vixen Jackals (Mother)
Amour, Dmitry, Roi
Known For
Moon Character played by Baltoni

Vladik is a male wolf of a lighter tawny color with a cape of silver along his spine and head. He posesses large ears rimmed in black and small patches of white in certain areas. He is of an average size yet grows an overly bulky coat of fur in winter.

Majestés PackEdit

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Vladik and Roi

Vladik was born in the quiet den of the Majestés pack on March 28th, 2014 alongside Amour, Dmitry, and Roi. There were a few in the litter who didn't survive. His parents were the alphas Vixen and Yukan, and he was amongst the first litter conceived in the pack. Often the calm and collected sibling, Valdik would wake up early just to enjoy the bright sunlight every morning. However that did not stop him from being the loud and rambunctious pup of the bunch at times. He got along very well with his brother, Roi, and they became very close, often leading adventures together and playfighting. 
Roi and Vladik

Vladik playing with his brother, Roi.

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Vladik resting on a warm rock

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Older Vladik