Waldo Evergreen


Evergreen Pack, Shamans Pack
Date of Birth
April 15th, 2000
Date of Death
February 3rd, 2008
Cause of Death
Jabby and Nami
Wally, Pape
Gore, Horris, Relay, Rose, Valerie, Pete, Anabelle, Jack, Opium, Flame
Known For
Overly aggressive

Evergreen PackEdit

Waldo was born into the Evergreen pack by a subordinate female and a roving male. He had two litter mates who were killed off by the alpha female at the time. Waldo as a pup was very aggressive and irritating to the adult wolves. He would constantly bully the runt of the alpha females litter and always got into trouble by wandering off. As an adult, he would constantly ruin hunts by rushing in too early. In early June of 2003, he was finally run off by the alpha male.


After Waldo had been run out, he travelled for a few days and eventually found himself in the valley of Slough Creek. He continued to follow the river, scavenging from the Oblivion pack's kills. Waldo constantly howled out in search of a mate. He was unsuccessful until two females answered his call. He approached the two females who were named Veneca and Opal, both without a pack. Waldo immediately bonded with Veneca and the two became the new alphas of the trio. They found unclaimed land, thus founding the Shamans pack. 

Shamans PackEdit

Waldo had become the default alpha male of the Shamans pack. He was very aggressive but allowed a few wolves to join the pack to strengthen it up. He mated with Veneca and they had a few litters together. He showed his true strength in 2006 when a trio of roving males came in and killed Flower, the pup caretaker. He charged at them and scared them off. He continued to lead the pack, slowly strengthening the pack up. Waldo even allowed a dispersed male into the pack. In the winter of 2006, Veneca had refused to mate with him. Waldo turned to Opal, Veneca's younger sister and the beta female of the pack. They both mated and she produced one litter. In 2007, his mate Veneca had died of old age. Opal soon followed after Veneca and also died of old age. Waldo was fairly old at this point and Ben, the roving male he allowed into the pack defeated him in a fight. He was kicked out. Because of his old age, he was unable to travel for very long and eventually starved.