Yubie Shamans

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Subordinate of Shamans
Date of Birth
March 16th, 2011
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Pebbles, Jewel & Pester
Known For
Yuuubbbiiee :3
Moon Character played by Wolfvn12


This here lady was conceived on March 16, in the grand year of 2011. Her parents were Ben And Anabelle , she has three siblings Pebbels, Pester, and Jewel. Her pup life was very simple and hardly any problems.One unfortune event  happened when their sister Pester died. Jewel was a serious,quite,and well behaved pup that would never leave the boundraious of the den. Yubie and Pebble would play with Jewel, but Jewel would hardly follow pebble and Yubie. Her smaller sister pebble was a very timid and shy wolf, eventually she became omega as they grew.Pebble became more attached to Yubie, following every where she went. Yubie accepted this, and had her sisters back most of the time. As pups grew, Yubie was easily distracted. She was entertained by the smallest thing like butterflies fluttering around or the strong aroma of flowers or even a small twitch in the grass. Sadly, Pester was prededated as a young pup. Yubie being easily distracted didn't help her. Pebbles was more sucessful in learning how ro hunt small game. Yubie wasn't very intrested in learning how to hunt. Because of her constantly being distracted, her hunting skills grew to be very poor. However, her playful nature proved to be useful as she helped Pebbles, her sister omega, in helping keeping the pack happy. One day while Yubie was heading to the river, she saw a rustle in the bush, curiously she tried finding out what it was, only to be sprayed by a skunk. She took life some what simple, sticking by her sisters side or just laying in the sun enjoying the warmer weather.

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Yubie as a young lass

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