Zio Ridges


Ridges Pack, Espionage Pack
Alpha male of Espionage
Date of Birth
April 2nd, 2011
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Kellog and Nani
Isaac, Mouse
Umqua, Illias, Oreo
Known For
Being aggressive

Ridges PackEdit

Zio was born into the Ridges pack on April 2nd, 2011. His litter-mates consisted of Isaac and Mouse . It was obvious that Zio was dominant over his litter-mates. He was confident and alwasy was the leader of his brothers. He made it to adulthood with ease as the food was abundant that year. His pack had kept him and his brothers fed well and he soon learned how to hunt with the rest of the pack. 

After he reached the second year mark, Zio had become even more aggressive and constantly challenged higher ranking wolves. He was always put into place due to his inexperience. Zio became increasingly a nuisance to the pack. In early September of 2013, along with his brothers and an older male named Jojo , Zio had set off in hopes of finding a mate to start a pack with. 


Zio, his brothers, and Jojo had travelled along the Slough Creek valley borders. They were all searching for a mate. Zio attempted to lead his brothers on, but it was obvious that Jojo was stronger and more experienced. Jojo continued to keep him in place during their travels. Eventually, Zio, his brothers and Jojo had spotted two lone female wolves roaming around the northern borders of Slough Creek. They met up with the two wolves and Zio had jumped to the oppurtunity. With the new females now travelling together, the fight between Zio and Jojo had worsened. Zio wanted Aero as a mate, and Jojo did as well. They eventually got into a haevy fight and Zio had won. Zio allowed the male to stay in the pack as their numbers were low, but continued to bite at him, forcing Jojo to submit. Zio then turned to focus on stregthening the bond between him and Aero. Both of them walked side by side as they wandered to find a territory to settle in. They eventually found a safe home in the northern hills. 

Espionage PackEdit

Zio is the dominant male of the Espionage pack. He constantly picks on his runt brother, Mouse. Aero and Zio both take the lead in their hunts. In early January, Zio mated with the alpha female, Aero. In Spring, his mate gave birth to three pups: Umqua, Oreo, and Illias. 
Zio and Aero

Zio and Aero bonding.

Zio 2

Zio patrolling.