Zulio Oblivion


Date of Birth
April 13th, 2004
Date of Death
September 16th, 2010
Cause of Death
Hunting incident
Atlas, Eos, Helios, Leto, Matis
Okra, Spice, Hops, Holard, Oddvar, Eerie, Rail, Zeb, Quin, Fenbal
Known For
Playing with rocks

Oblivion PackEdit

Zulio was born into the Oblivion pack in April, 2004. He was very playful as a pup and would chew up anything that his jaws would touch. Often, he would play with small objects such as sticks, rocks and even small dead animals. His playful nature lightened up the packs mood. He grew up to be another member of the pack, which at this point was very large. In 2006, he was run off by the beta of the pack because he was too large and threatened the position of the beta wolf. 


Zulio wandered around the main river for two months before coming across the Serenade pack. The alpha male at the time was not happy to see him but Zulio continued to wander around the borders of the territory, soon becoming well known to the pack. He eventually snuck into the ranks of the pack and they accepted him as a new member when he proved to be submissive.

Serenade PackEdit

After he joined the pack, he stayed submissive to the higher ranked wolves but kept his ground in the middle ranks. His continue playful nature with innanimate objects led him to being a good babysitter despite his middle rank. In December of 2006, Zulio became big enough and more aggressive with the members of the pack. He quickly made his way up to beta male and stayed in this position with his continued nibbling. In early June after bringing down a weak elk, the pack as usual ate in chaos. Shadow was overally aggressive during the feast and attacked Zulio to back him off. Zulio fought back, his strength and size now was his advantage, and defeated Shadow. Shadow attempted to run but Zulio made sure Shadow would not get out alive. He ripped at Shadow and caused deep enough wounds. Shadow did manage to get away, but soon died from the blood loss.

Zulio became the new alpha of the Serenade pack and the following winter, mated with Sapphire. In March, Sapphire had given birth to his litter. Zulio proved to be a fair leader and always provided rocks as a "sorry" to the wolves he was overly aggressive with. In early 2009, Zulio mate with the newly crowned alpha female, Torte and she produced another litter in 2010. Tragically in September, the pack was hunting a weak elk. Zulio took a blow to the skull from the elks hind foot and was immediately killed.

Zulio 2

Zulio playing with a stick.